Industrial Engineering

Industrialisation and Transition into Series Production

The Proof of our Concepts

The Proof of Concept

Our starting point for the transition from the prototyping into the series production is already part of the concept phase.

A detailed knowledge of all manufacturing processes of a part is the base of industrialisation.

Because we successfully implemented a considerable amount of industrialization projects, we can bring in a lot of experience when it comes to the final details. This knowledge saves you precious time for the realisation of your projects.

Examples of successfully implemented industrialisation projects:

  • Transition into the serial production of a complete motorcycle engine in Taiwan, India & China.
  • Reengineering of designs for the serial production process – such as the rework of a prototype sand casting crankcase into a suitable one for pressure die cast.
  • Documentation of all critical production processes, such as heat treatment specifications in the design documents.
  • Finetunings in close cooperation with production in order to optimise costs, without changing the proper functioning of the single components.
  • Finetunings in close cooperation with the assembly line for optimal use of the production facilities.
  • Investigation of Production Problems and Improvement Implementation.
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