Prototypes Engines / Gearboxes

The design and realisation of prototypes for function testing is a fixed component and integral part of our end-to-end solutions.

The procurement of prototype parts such as crankshafts, pistons, connecting rods, valve train, housing components, gearboxes etc. (all turned, milled, forged, casting components and standard parts) is done in-house.

We have an extensive network of highly capable prototype and series suppliers at our disposal, which we involve at an early stage of the development process.

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3D Printing Metal

Additive Manufacturing

Complex components with integrated functionality are ideal for the 3D printing process.

We are specialised in Aluminium, Titan alloys for applications where printed prototypes considerably reduce the delivery time of functional parts.

A clever and well thought out design, as well as the technical calculation anticipating the development process guarantee the solid functionality of printed prototypes.

We understand the design requirements and process simulation of ALM manufactured parts so to guarantee the functionality of the new produced parts.

We can also provide a mechanical processing up to the assembly, as well as a function control.

Our competence in 3D printing is bundled in a separate company which offers further services.

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