High-performance Engines,
Clutches and Gearboxes.

Since 2003.

HC-Concepts is an Engineering Company specialised in the development of high-performance engines, clutches and gearboxes.

We develop for the motorcycle industry as well as for the automotive and the aviation industry.

We produce functional prototypes from all our designs and test the feasibility on in-house test benches.

In order to shorten development timeframes, as standard we use new technologies such as 3D Printing.

Within minimal time we print complex parts such as cylinder heads and 2-stroke cylinders in Aluminium and Titanium and test their feasibility on in-house test benches.

We create our developments “from a blank sheet of paper” and cover all further development steps up to the serial production.

Concepts Engineered.

Lived by HC-Concepts day by day.
For its customers, the project, the vision.

The Team behind it.

CEO is engineer Claus Holweg who lent his name to HC-Concepts. The most important stages in his career:

  • Junior development engineer at BMW Motorcycle, Munich Germany.
  • Project Manager complete engine projects for motorcycle, watercraft and snowmobiles at BRP-Rotax,, Gunskirchen Austria.
  • KTM Development Manager for 4-stroke engines, responsible for the series development of LC8 and Racing Engines used for racing purposes at the Rallye Paris-Dakar, Motocross and Enduro world championships.Design / Project Management / Development Engineering / Purchasing & Administration

He is supported by a highly motivated team, consisting of 18 employees in 4 departments

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Design lives from the creativity of people, who want to make their hobby to their profession.

We are continuously looking for new employees for new creative product development.

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Concepts Engineered.
Industrialised for Production.