3D Printing

Additive Manufacturing

Only 6 Steps from the Idea to your function-optimised Component

Quick Check 3D

In the field of metal 3D printing, we analyse your components in a first stage to identify the potential for this new technology by cutting down on weight or on the number of individual parts. –. We will do this for you free of charge.

Case Study 3D

The potential identified during the Quick Check 3D step can be used in the course of the Case Study 3D. We redesign the detail arrangements for the requirements of the metal 3D printing process. It will then be your decision whether after this step you would already like to order the first printed sample part.

During this stage, we attach particular importance to working very closely with your technical designers and engineers, right from the first project step. Here your team can develop a technical understanding of the possibilities this new technology offers for your product development and to raise their awareness of additional possibilities.

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Business Case 3D

As soon as the Case Study 3D is in line with your technical requirements, we offer to plan in cooperation with you the cost-effective production of your component parts by means of metal 3D printing technologies. Taking into account optimum lot sizes as well as upstream and downstream processes (total cost of ownership), we can together develop a basis for the further course of action.


As soon as the Business Case 3D as the cornerstone element gives the green light, we can manufacture your prototypes on our own machines and confirm the technical and economic analysis. This guarantees you a swift technical implementation.


During the stage of industrial implementation, we can guarantee a successful transfer of the insights gained for serial production. You are free to decide whether the manufacturing will take place at your own facility, at your supplier’s, or at our site.


We look back on more than 30 years of experience in the field of mass production in various industries, which makes HC-Concepts an ideal partner to guarantee consistent quality and delivery reliability. Our production processes are adapted to the common quality management procedures.