The Procurement of Prototype Components.

A Strength of HC-Concepts.

Our Strenght - Prototype Components

A solid network of specialized suppliers supports us to provide high-quality components within short time frames and at optimal costs.

The entire processing is done in-house. It is one of the key elements of our overall project management. We make sure components are delivered on time and to a flawless quality standard.

Thanks to the in-house handling we also have a 100% cost control.

The assembly from the single prototype parts to a functional prototype engine is done in our spacious engine work shop which is fully equipped with all necessary testing devices.

The work is carried out with the corresponding diligence by highly qualified engine mechanics in close cooperation with our development engineers.

Additionally we dispose of:

  • a well-equipped mechanical work shop
  • CMM machine to ensure
  • optical part measurement
  • a high pressure washing machine for engine parts
  • High performance microscopes for failure analysis and documentation purposes

The assembly of prototype and pre-series engines is a key focus of HC-Concepts. Accompanied by the measurement of components and assembly groups, including the according documentation of the functional models.

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3D Printing - The Fastest Way from the Concept to the Component

3D Printing is the shortest route from the concept to the component. Whether a cost-efficient and fast 3D plastic printing (PLA) for installation controls is required or a 3D metal printing (ALM) for uncompromising near-production function testing on the test bench, both processes are carried out in-house.

The design for 3D Printing parts requires specific know-how of the ALM process limits for both manufacturing and material.

Our concepts already take account of the manufacturing process of the later production and the uncompromising design of the component. In doing so we exploit the full potential of 3D Printing.

A standardised process flow guarantees optimum development results:

  • Design
  • Processing of Assemblies
  • 3D plastic printing
  • Installation and functional control
  • 3D printing ALM
  • Functional Testing

Our engineers are specialised in developing optimal part geometry solutions at an early design stage. Only in this way the advantages of a 3D printed component can be fully exploited in terms of functionality and costs.

By perfectly aligning the component to the printing process subsequent processing efforts are minimised. It is vital that this happens at an early design stage and that process limits both on manufacturing and material are considered from the beginning.

By means of 3D plastic printing we can create a cost-effective functionality and design control.

Within the shortest time our 3D metal printers create prototypes ready for endurance testing on the in-house test bench.

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