Test Benches

In-house Test Benches

For all Basic Engine and Function Tests

All You Need For Your Engine and Function Tests

At present two engine test benches and one roller dynamometer are available for test and developing tasks.

The test benches are used to carry out function tests as part of our overall projects. Alternatively our equipment can be used for standalone services such as performance development, testing and development of functional assembly groups.

The fixture construction – required for the test stand jigs– is done in-house. Our mechanical workshop ensures the efficient and smooth processing of test stand fixtures and necessary adjustments.

Technical data engine test bench:

  • Dynamic Asynchronous Engine Test Bench API 150 KW
  • Eddy current engine test bench API 150 KW
  • Test benches useable as engine brake or power unit test bed
  • Powerful test cell ventilation
  • Automatic oil- and water-conditioning system
  • Conditioning system for air intake
  • Blow by meter AVL
  • Facilities for fuel comsumption and flow measurements

Technical data Engine Roller Test Bench:

  • Roller Test Bench Dynojet 250i
  • Dynamic power measurements up to 250 KW
  • Integrated Eddy current brake for different load simulations
  • Blower speed up to 180 km/h
  • Powerful test cell ventilation
  • Data logger for function testing
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